The DC Environmental Film Festival: what films are you planning to see?

The DC Environmental Film Festival is in progress right now: March 13-25, so try to catch one of the many great films if you can.

A number of the screenings are free with no registration required. They are also easily accessible by Metro, since most of the films are being shown at various museums on the National Mall, the Carnegie Institution for Science near Dupont Circle, and the AFI theater in downtown Silver Spring.
Here’s the website for more information:

Of particular interest for us here at Water Literacy+ is the free Water Shorts Program being screened today at 1:00 PM at Carnegie, 1530 P St NW. The shorts being screened are: Aral: The Lost Sea, Carbon for Water, Extinction, and Mission of Mermaids. The screenings will be followed by a discussion with the Carbon for Water filmmakers and a senior scientist from Oceana.

A really neat feature of the website is the Search box on the right which allows you to search for films by topic area. There are a large number of very interesting movies being shown, so this can help to narrow down options.  This is how I’ve narrowed down my list of what I’m planning to see in addition to the Water Shorts Program: Last Call at the Oasis, The Man Who Stopped the Desert, A Fierce Green Fire, and possibly Semper Fi: Always Faithful, and The Dust Bowl.

I would also have really loved to attend the screening and panel discussion on March 21, to mark World Water Day, March 22: Natural Resources/Unnatural Results: Access, Exploitation, and Accountability.
Unfortunately, it conflicts with Last Call at the Oasis which discusses the urgency of the looming water crisis and the need to increase people’s knowledge of this fact i.e. increase their water literacy. How could I miss that?

Hope to see you at one of the screenings, and in the meantime,

Stay Engaged.

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About MKD

I am on a mission to contribute to one of the most important issues of our time: increasing Water Literacy everywhere.
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4 Responses to The DC Environmental Film Festival: what films are you planning to see?

  1. morie says:

    Awesome links to some great films in cool locations. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Adrianna says:

    Yes on the Dust Bowl. I’m also hoping to catch Cane Toads, John Muir in the New World, and some short clips geared at children at the National Wildlife Visitor Center.
    What I love about the DC Env Film Fest is that the audience members are not only intersted in the issues, they are also often in occupations where they can do something about them.

    • MKD says:

      Hurray! I very much agree with your comment about the audience.
      Although I do worry about the movies preaching to the choir.
      Overall, seeing these movies is great way to get a lot of information in a compact form and find out who’s working on what.

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